DR3 Delta Robot


DR3 Delta Robot

After the successful introduction of the DR2 Delta Robot, industry leader Steck has taken innovation further and developed the DR3 portable and compact Delta Robot. Like the DR2, it has been designed for today's food production environment and meets our customers' ever challenging requirements.

The concept is based upon a smaller more compact working area than the DR2, as it has been designed to work with smaller products, such as sandwiches. Applications that have already been installed perform key functions such as match-halving the sandwich, lidding the sandwich wet or dry (with a first stage patent cleared), and turning the sandwich, making it ready for cutting.

The DR3 is based on a hygienic, compact, robust design with superior vision system capabilities. It is fully-mobile, height-adjustable and mounted on a virtual tripod frame on castors. Moreover, the unique triangular shaped construction of the robot allows the DR3 to be both a singular machine for single applications and be modulated so stations 2, 3 or 4 can be linked together with one vision system. This allows multiple applications of the same task to be carried out over a number of lanes, compacting the footprint together and sharing safety guarding.


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The complete design and build of the mechanical system — which has a stainless steel 304 Framework, Carbon fibre link arms Cardan shaft — have been designed and manufactured entirely by Steck. This means we can continue providing high quality customer support in today's demanding food production environment.

The DR3 operates with Trio Motion for the motion processing control system and a 7" touch screen HMI. This enables us to provide the most advanced robotic control system with full UK support and a wealth of experience and knowledge from one of the industry's leading motion specialists.

The unique 'RuggedEye©' CANBUS Vision System is manufactured and calibrated enitrely by Steck. Each vision system sits in its own robust casing. The casing itself has two functions: first, to ensure the camera is protected in the most extreme circumstances; and second, to mount the vision system onto its own frame. The 'RuggedEye©' CANBUS Vision System will be calibrated to work in conjunction with the camera frame with any given environment and on any visible product.

In factories where the DR3 has been installed for food production it has successfully tackled two long standing challenges identified by our customers; around precise application of match halving and lidding either wet or dry, thus reducing labour-intensive tasks.

Materials of construction: Frame constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, carbon fibre motion link arms, 4th axis cardan shaft
Heads: One to mulitple
Processor: HMI 7”, start/stop, trim and program selection
Motion Control: Steck Motion Controllers, Laser height detection (when applicable)
Initiation: RuggedEye© 93 degree wide angle vision system. Fully potted, Network and power over single CANBUS cable, programmed application specific algorithm, modular design
Safety: Infeed and outfeed guarding and Portable Integration Station
Working Parameter: Compact working area
Stand Type: Free floating gantry with level and working height adjustable
Max Cycles per min: 50 (product and application dependent)
End Effectors: Current applications: -Wet Lidding/Dry Lidding/Match Half/Turn

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