Dimension HLB138 - Sandwich Depositor


Dimension HLB138 - Sandwich Depositor

A proven method of deposit sheeting sandwich fillings, such as cheeses, egg mayonnaise, tuna and sweetcorn, to give an even layer coverage over the slice of bread area pre-specified. In addition, using the uniquely designed Steck Falling Pin technology you can achieve printing of mayo and wrap sauces with clearly defined borders and no product overhangs, which happens with other methods. Combined with the Steck Dimension depositor, this will result in the following benefits:

Increased accuracy • Specified coverage • High speeds • Less labour intensive (no need for manual finishing)

  • Sandwich Fillings, Mayo, Wrap Sauces.
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The Dimension range is precision engineered, with many unique features which eliminate the old issues of reliability, accuracy, performance and safety. To this end Steck’s new Dimension range has addressed the issues with features that include:

Air Circuit: Steck pilot less air circuit (including safety circuit)
Power: Reduced power consumption
Energy: Zero Stored Energy in tripped mode
Engine Action: Forward
Frame Work: High Level, adjustable virtual tripod
Positive Drive: Patented ‘Steck-Link’ valve drive system
Product Feed: Hopper, Suction or Transfer Pump
Reduced Maintenance: Fully modular ‘cassetted’ engine design for ease of maintenance
Construction: Robust construction
Protection: Sealed main air cylinder, Spill back space
IP65: Fully IP65 sealed pneumatics for protection from the cleaning environment
Heads: 1 Head
Nozzles: Sandwich sheeting heads, Mayo head, Wrap sauce head
Weight Control: Digital or Analogue

Maximum supply pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum supply pressure: 4 Bar
Power cylinder bore: 80 mm
Power cylinder stroke (max): 150mm
Power cylinder stroke (min): 10mm
Stroke repeatability: 0.03%
Maximum depositing energy: 450 J (6 Bar supply)
Maximum depositing force: 3015N (6 Bar supply)
Maximum speed at full stroke: 70 (strokes/min)
Maximum speed at min stroke: 240 (stokes/min)
SPR (Suction Pressure Regulation: 0-4 Bar
Maximum air consumption: 14 cfm
Typical air consumption: 6.5 cfm

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