Dimension - Oil Depositor


Dimension - Oil Depositor

A purpose-built one or two head machine for depositing oil or cream cheeses over a variety of products. Mounted on a fully-adjustable height stand, the machine uses unique multi-outlet falling pin nozzles to give a drip-free cut-off. The product is drawn directly from bulk vessels, thus eliminating the use of a hopper.

  • Cream Cheese, Oils.
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The Dimension range is precision engineered, with many unique features which eliminate the old issues of reliability, accuracy, performance and safety. To this end Steck’s new Dimension range has addressed the issues with features that include:

Power: Reduced power consumption
Frame Work: Mid Level, Adjustable height
Product Feed: Feed pipe suction
Construction: Robust construction
IP65: Fully IP65 sealed pneumatics for protection from the cleaning environment
Heads: 1 Head
Nozzles: Oil pin nozzle
Weight Control: Analogue

Maximum supply pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum supply pressure: 4 Bar
Power cylinder bore: 80 mm
Power cylinder stroke (max): 150mm
Power cylinder stroke (min): 10mm
Stroke repeatability: 0.03%
Maximum depositing energy: 450 J (6 Bar supply)
Maximum depositing force: 3015N (6 Bar supply)
Maximum speed at full stroke: 70 (strokes/min)
Maximum speed at min stroke: 240 (stokes/min)
SPR (Suction Pressure Regulation: 0-4 Bar
Maximum air consumption: 14 cfm
Typical air consumption: 6.5 cfm

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